allow と permit の違い


allow と permit は、「許す、許可する」など、ほぼ同じ意味内容を表しますが、permit の方がよりフォーマルな場面で使われます。



Why don't the government allow/permit landing on the deserted island?


My parents wouldn't allow/permit me to play video games more than an hour a day.

◆ 受動態になる時には注意が必要です。

The residents were allowed/permitted to stay in the no-go zone for only two hours.

Staying in the no-go zone for only two hours was allowed/permitted.


no-go zone 立入禁止区域

◆ allow だけは次のような形で終わることも可能です。

Don't allow him in. He touches whatever he sees.

Clarke may not be allowed out tonight.

× permit someone in/out