although と though の違い


「~だけれども」といった意味としては、両者に違いはありませんが、though の方がインフォーマルな場面で使われることが多いでしょう。

though は「だけど、やっぱり」など、最後に軽く付け足すような場合にも使われます。



Although/though English can be said a universal lunguage, some Japanese try to avoid having conversation with foreigners in English just seeing them.


The champion knocked him out in the first round although/though the opponent boxer looked quite strong.

although/though の前にコンマを付けることもあります。

◆文尾で使えるのは though だけです。

Takeshi's father runs a Japanese restaurant and wants his son to be a successor.
But he desires to be a singer and songwriter, though.