break は主に「こわす、こわれる」という意味で使われる動詞ですが、いろいろな前置詞や副詞を従えることによって、以下のような意味で使われるます。ただし、それぞれの語句において、他の意味になることもあるので留意しておいてください。

break down


break in


break into


break off


break up


break out



When I was driving on a street, my car suddenly broke down. I had to have it repaired. Just then I found two beautiful women chatting nearby. So I broke in their conversation and asked them whether there was a garage around there. But they were not ordinary women. They had been planing to break into a bank. So they had to break off the plan because of me. I prevented a crime. It was then I heard strange sound behind me. Some prisoner who had broken out of a prison broke into my car. It was broken up by them.