call は主に「呼ぶ、電話をかける」」などの意味で使われる動詞ですが、いろいろな前置詞や副詞を従えることによって、以下のような意味で使われることがありますます。ただし、それぞれの語句において、他の意味になることもあるので留意しておいてください。

特に call を使った語句には「立ち寄る」という意味のあるものが複数見受けられます。

call at


call by


call down


call off


call on(upon)


call up


call out



An ant went out to call on another ant's nest. On the way he found a strange one. There was a good smell coming from it. He decided to call by and walked into it. Then he heard something call out. “Hey, what are you doing here? Come here!” it said, He called up a lesson, “Never follow strangers.”So he called off the search and came out of the ground.” Just then he felt a thump on his back. It was a foot of a human child. He had forgotten a much more importand lesson. “Be careful of human beings.”