come は「来る」という意味で使われる基本的な動詞ですが、いろいろな前置詞や副詞を従えることによって、以下のような意味で使われることがありますます。ただし、それぞれの語句において、他の意味になることもあるので留意しておいてください。

come about


come accross


come around/round

around に「周りに」の意味があるので、「巡ってくる」「ぶらっとやってくる」などの意味で使われることがあります。around が round になることもあります。

come by

by には「~そばに」の意味があるので、「通り過ぎる」や「立ち寄る」などの意味があります。また、by には「~によって」という、手段、方法、理由を表すこともあるので、お金や仕事などを「得る」という意味もあります。

come off

off は「離れて」という意味を持っているので、「はがれる、取れる」などの意味があります。

come out


come to


come up to


come up with


come to+動詞原形



Mariko was living a boring life. She came over to a park thinking whether she could find something interesting. Looking up at th sky inadvertently, she saw a something flying. At first she thought it was an airplane. But it turned around and came to her. Its hatch opened and a man came out. He came up to her and asked a direction. She came across an alien. While he was speaking, something came off his face. It was a mask. Though his face wasn't human being's, she came to like him. She came up with an answer for the rest of her life and asked him if she could come along with him. “No problem,” he said. Their romance came to a happy ending.