make の基本的な意味は「作る」ですね。これにいろいろな前置詞を従えることによって、以下のような意味が生まれます。ただし、それぞれの語句において、他の意味になることもあるので留意しておいてください。

make for


They got aboard a new spacecraft to make for Jupiter.

Will the pundit's proposal make for our lives?

The myth of the safety of nuclear power stations made for disaster.

make out


You are over eighty. Isn't it about time to make out a will?

Parents can make out what their infants say.

make up


The actress was very beautiful without making up.

Linda is always making up an amusing story to make her children happy.

make up for


We are going to install an in-house power generation to make up for electricity shortage.