put away


My mother used to scold me saying "Put your toys away immediately.″

put off


I think this exploration should not be put off come hell or high water.

come hell or high water 何が何でも

※ put off には「(衣類を)脱ぐ」という意味もありますが、この意味ではtake off がよく使われるようです。

put out


Do you put out all the light when you go to sleep?

The pop singer is vigorous enough to put out a new song every month.

put up


These days my wife puts up with her sister every other day, for we had a big quarrel a month ago.

※ 下の put up with とは文脈で見分けましょう。

After the disaster, a lot of messages for missing people were put up.

put up with


The local residents couldn't put up with the government's slow response to the nuclear accident any more.

put on


It was really hot today, so I was wearing only underpants at home.
Just then my sister-in-law came suddenly. I put on clothes in haste.


※ wear は通常「服を着ている」という状態を表すので put on とは同じ意味ではありません。take off の反対になります。